The Beverly Bombshells are part of the WCHL (Women’s Central Hockey League). The season officially starts with practices in September. A scheduling meeting for committee members the 2nd weekend in September will then determine our game Schedule. Our first games start in late September and run through February. Playoffs are at the end of March or early April, and typically include the top 2 teams in each division advancing to the playoffs held in either Northern IL or Southern WI. The Bombshells are broken into different teams. How many teams depends upon the rosters/people who join each year. The teams are of different skill levels from novice to advanced as per the WCHL league standards. lt is most common for teams have between 12-18 players per team. There are 6 players on the ice during a game - 1 goalie and 5 skaters. Ideally a team has a minimum of 10 skaters for a game with the ability to switch out 2 full lines. Given everyone can’t always make the games the rosters are loaded up to 16-18 players, and a list of subs from our Practice-Only skaters.

2017-2018 Season

Currently, the Beverly Bombshells will be divided into 4 teams:

  • Division 7
  • Division 5
  • Division 4
  • Division 1

Please note that if we have more members than we have room for on each team, we may ask that you are a PRACTICE-ONLY PLAYER until we have room to put you on a team.