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Beginner or Veteran hockey player do you have what it takes to join the best Chicago Women's Hockey League?  Of course, you do.

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Whether it's practice or game time, keep up to date on the Beverly Bombshells 2017-2018 schedule.

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Support a women's hockey league that plays hard and prides themselves on being kind and generous.  Sponsor our league, team, and or our many charitable events.

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We are the Bombshells

The Beverly Bombshells are a club with more than fifty individuals dedicated to playing and supporting one of the fastest growing women’s sports.

Many Bombshells, although tough badasses on the ice, also pride themselves on being kind and generous. Our team has many cancer survivors, widow(er)s, and supporters. With such close ties with this awful disease, we tend to support and acknowledge the various cancer causes and commit to charitable affairs.

lt takes a special type of woman to be involved ice hockey. Come join a new FAMILY of strong women who will support, encourage, and respect their teammates. Some like a sister and some like your crazy aunt, but a family nonetheless! The Bombshells offer many fun and exciting events and opportunities

Bombshells D6 2016

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