How to Become a Bombshell

Oh you made it this far? Glad to have you aboard. Buckle up, read up and join the best Chicago Women's Hockey League and become a Bombshell!

New Skaters

Since we have all levels of play, anyone is encouraged to join the
team. If you don’t know how to play or skate - Welcome! You
rock! How impressive you are to try something completely new!
Veteran players can all recall a time when they were the new
bambi on the ice and are more than happy to offer words of
encouragement or advice. Never be afraid to ask questions about
the game, rules, techniques, etc.

Skating Eligibility - practice and games

  1. You must have up to date USA Hockey registration number on file with the team.
  2. Appropriate equipment is mandatory on ice.
  3. You must be up to date with your team fees *or have
    worked out an arrangement with team management.